What distinguishes a great College from a good College? We believe that clarity of purpose, exceptional teachers, and demonstrated outcomes are hallmarks of great Colleges. A great College is a place with a deep commitment to student learning, where faculty nourishes the intellectual, moral, emotional, and social growth of every student. It is a place where students, teachers, and parents embark together on an academic journey with clear and well-defined objectives. It is filled with the joy of discovery and the excitement of personal challenge and growth. It is a community dedicated to developing strength of character and excellence in all dimensions of its students' lives. And it is a place that has a distinctive and lasting impact.
The K.S. MEMORIAL INTER COLLEGE BAIDAULI BELKUNDA AZAMGARH strives to be a great College. Our mission, simply put, is to prepare students for lives of purpose, achievement, and generosity of spirit. The dynamic man who founded our College set out with this mission in 2020, and it continues to guide everything that we do. Our talented faculties are experts in their disciplines with a deep commitment to student success; they truly get to know each child, providing the challenge, support, and encouragement that fosters learning and personal growth. Our rigorous program of inquiry and study empowers students to exercise their intellectual curiosity, expand their understanding, and develop critical skills for future success. In addition, our emphasis on character and values challenges each student to be a person of integrity, a contributing member of our College community, and a thoughtful and involved citizen of the world. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about all that The K.S. MEMORIAL INTER COLLEGE BAIDAULI BELKUNDA AZAMGARH has to offer. We also invite you to visit us in person; please contact us at mbldbic@gmail.com . We hope to see you soon!